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Rounded Titanium Heating Plate lets you style a straight or wavy look.

Floating Plates allows both floating plates to clamp correctly and adjust depending on the angle of the hair being straightened.

  • Instantly heats up to a maximum of 450F
  • 5 different heat settings
  • LCD heat indicator
  • 10ft Professional power cord
  • Advanced heat management

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Suggested Usage:

  • Press and the hold the power button to turn on. Temperature will automatically set to lowest recommended heat setting. If you wish to set your iron to higher than 180C, immediately press the + key after turning iron on. After a few seconds, LOC will flash on the LED screen. This indicates that the key lock feature is working, so your temperature won’t change if you accidentally press a button during styling.
  • To change temperature during styling or to turn your iron off, click the button indicated by a lock icon on the underside of the top iron handle, located directly underneath the + and – sign. This will release the outer buttons from being locked, and you can adjust the temperature or turn your iron off.
  • Use on dry hair. Section hair and take a one- to two-inch section of hair. The straightener will curl or straighten in one pass, so make sure you don’t have too big a section.
  • Make sure all hair is between plates.
  • Gently yet firmly press plates together and slide down hair from roots to ends.
  • Repeat until desired style is achieved.


  • Always ensure that your hair is clean and completely dry before using the hair straightener.
  • Ensure that there is no water on the floor or any other surfaces near the electrical outlet or hair straightener.
  • If you are unable to easily slide the plug into the outlet contact a qualified electrician; do not force the plug into an outlet.
  • When styling is complete turn the straightener off by pressing the power button, unplug from the electrical outlet and let cool completely on heat resistant surface before storing. Never leave the straightener plugged in or switched on when unattended.
  • The iron will automatically turn off after one hour of use for your safety.
  • If the iron falls into any form of liquid, do not try retrieve it under any circumstance.
  • The iron’s plates are hot and can burn your skin. Do not touch the plates during use. Be sure to give the iron sufficient cooling time. If you do experience a burn stop styling and tend to it immediately.
  • Do not set the iron down near flammable surfaces or on top of delicate materials, plastics or any other materials sensitive to heat. If you must set the iron down, do so only on a heat resistant surface.

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53 reviews for Voduz Infrared Straightener

  1. Pete

    Perfect addition for any salon. Great lenght cord, heats up pretty quick and great to use. Highly recommend

  2. Michelle

    Absolutely love my Voduz Iam a salon owner and just love straightening and curling with them all my clients are so impressed dey glide through d hair leaving it shiny, definitely recommend Voduz 100%

  3. Zoe

    I’d thought about buying these since they came out and finally bit the bullet and omg I wish I had of got them sooner. I used to have to straighten my hair daily but now I can go with out touching it for 3-4 days and my hair feels so much healthier and frizz free.

  4. Anne-Marie Scannell

    I got a voduz as a present and love both how it curls & straightens. No pulling on tbe hair as I curl it and the heat settings are the best. 5 stars all the way.

  5. Paula Cassidy

    These just glide through your hair and leave an amazing shine! Brilliant for straightening or curling too..my fav go to product!! ?

  6. Jacinta M

    Iv only been using this a week always swore by GHD but my god is this a game changer my hair straightens so so well and lasts extra days and the shine is unreal people ask have I been to a salon to get it done!! Definitely recommend this and I have crazy frizzy hair

  7. Kathy McDonagh (verified owner)

    The voduz is amazing, my hair stays straighter for longer, I don’t need to top it up each morning like I did with my old straightener and I seem to get more days between washes when I use the straightener, just need to get time now to try out curls!

  8. Tracie D

    I received the straightener a few weeks ago as a birthday present & I’m in love with it ! Such a fantastic product, it just glides through my very thick hair & hair stays straight for up to 3 days afterwards! Looking forward to seeing more VODUZ products!

  9. Emma

    Love it! Best straightener ever, curls are to die for, hair feels so healthy, thank you voduz ???‍???‍?

  10. ellie

    amazing is all I can say best straighner on the market ????

  11. Caroline Graham (verified owner)

    Game changer for me big time I’ve loads of hair and no other straighteners could get it poker straight not even ghd I’ll never be without mine and I only have it a month well done to all xx

  12. Caoimhe

    I am absolutely in love with my Voduz straightener! I brought it with me on holidays to Spain and it saved my hair! ♥️ It’s perfect on my extensions and my mam even uses it on her natural hair-I love how long the straight hair lasts and how my hair doesn’t be fried after it!
    One of my favourite things about the straightener is that it turns itself off after an hour- I never have to worry about leaving the straightener on and burning the house down when I leave the house!! I won’t go back to another brand ever again

  13. Amy

    Was a die hard fan of another straightener (who shall remain nameless!) but got a Voduz to see what I thought. I expected to be fair that I would be straight back to my other straightener but OMG was I wrong!! The voduz is AMAZING!! The shine off my hair, the ease of straightening, can’t even talk about how way it is to use for a curl/wave. Suffice to say it is now THE ONLY hot tool I own having given all others away. It’s not doing it justice to call it just a straightener it’s so much more. I ♥️ It!!

  14. Joanne Phibbs

    I got a Voduz straightener for my birthday. I have extremely thick coarse curly frizzy hair. This product has literally changed the styling game! It makes styling so easy and effortlessly. It leaves my hair sleek and smooth with a shine!!! I can actually also curl my hair so easily with no tugging! I’m delighted I have a voduz as I enjoy styling my hair now.

  15. Gloria wallace (verified owner)

    Honestly cannot praise this straightener enough. As someone who has hard to manage hair at the best of times it has literally cut my hair styling time in half if not more. I won’t be without mine again.

  16. Janette

    The best straightners I have ever had.
    I have bought every tool on the market for curling my hair & was never able to curl it so was hesitant to buy these voduz incase I wasted more money.
    But can honestly say first time of trying these I could curl my hair easily.
    Absoutely love them they do what they say just glide through your hair.

  17. Gean herbert

    Highly recommend the voduz. I got mine in July and absolutely love using it I had a ghd for about 14 years it always felt like I was pulling and snagging my hair on it. That doesn’t happen with the voduz very smooth with rounded edges.worth every cent.ive no problem given voduz top marks.

  18. Amy (verified owner)

    I purchased my voduz about 3 weeks ago after seeing all the advertising and I just thought, why the hell am I using another straightener that’s so hot it’s ruining my hair, when I can get one with heat control! That was the main thing for me really, but honestly the voduz leaves my hair so silky and shiny and is so quick! Took me a while to master the curls because the curves of the straightener are heated ? but honestly it’s just an all rounder, and Denise was so lovely when I mailed her to ask questions about it before buying! 10/10

  19. Mary Troy (verified owner)

    Would honestly never go back to any other straightener! I am completely converted to Voduz straightener! I have been raving to everyone around me about them because I have had so many complements on my hair when it’s styled with my Voduz! The long lead is so handy too and heats up so quickly! 10/10

  20. collette shortt

    i bought a voduz when came out i found it very hard to use at start and get right temp to use on my hair ive watched denise in pelo do loads of differnt styles and she also explained what temps suit different hair eg. extensions.. i feel voduz is the only brand that have really shown their costumers how to use their product
    its a 10/10 from me…

  21. Karina Nolan (verified owner)

    Ordered myself a voduz and was so delighted with it I ordered my mam and sister one too. Dying to see what’s to come ?

  22. Lesley Cunningham

    WoW! What a product. Could never put curls or waves in my hair with straighteners but with Voduz it was so easy!! No more packing two or three hair tools on trips or nights away. Plus just to straighten my hair is so much easier, just very smooth and sleek. Voduz just glides through my hair. Heats up very quickly… love them! Well done Denise and Brendan. Can’t wait for more products to come with this range xx

  23. Joleen Campbell

    Having used ghds for years I can now say I’m a total convert to the new voduz hair straighteners. They not only leave your hair with an amazing shine they create a salon hairstyle at home with every use. I can honestly say I have not had a bad hair say since I purchased them and being a novice at styling my own hair I can now produce fantastic curls or sleek styles. Very excited for any future voduz products.

  24. Lorraine Laabei

    Only have my Voduz a week but I’m loving it! Love the sleek look it gives when straightening but I need some practice with curling and waving, would love to see some more tutorials showing how to do different curls/waves etc and showing the best way to hold the Voduz when doing a certain style.

  25. Denise Connolly

    I bought the white one and love it. I rarely used a straightener as I had a Ghd but my hair is fine that I found it too hot so rarely used it was waste money but the voduz can change the heat settings and my hair doesn’t get caught in it and my hair is in Brill condition. It’s never been put back into the box and my hair is shiny after using it. Love it. So easy to curl my hair with too and iv used it on my daughter thick head of hair took while to curl it all because shes so much of it but was gorge was delighted and she loved it but my arm didnt get sore and the temperature button can lock it so never have to worry about pressing buttons by mistake

  26. Emma Mccormack

    To be honest didn’t like after first use , tricky and very hot with curved plates . But got advise from Denise and the voduz instagram page . Was even invited into Pelo for Demo and help using it . Love it now I’ve got used to using it and would highly recommend it to all .

  27. Amy Brady (verified owner)

    With been a full time Mam to 3 boys id never have time to style me hair since getting the voduz straightener it’s been a god send can straighten it in mins and even went out on a new one and curled my hair in 10 mins don’t no why I didn’t buy them sooner…. defo recommend the voduz straightener

  28. Samantha Devanney

    Had to demonstrate how to use it for my sister in law when she got one for her 30th ? And What i can i say that hasn’t already! Voduz is just simply amazing! So quick to heat up and cool down. Easy to lock in your perfect temperature! Curls hair as good as if not better than a wand and effortlessly straightens without and pulling or catching! DEFINITELY ON MY SANTA LIST ?

  29. Linda corcoran

    Love my Voduz. Have passed it around my friends so they are all buying one now. You just cant explain how good it is so you have to let them try it! Got my hair cut today and the hair dresser said, wow your hair is in great condition.. all o can put it down to is the Voduz.

  30. Liz

    Absolutely fell in love with my voduz from day one. Had used the GHD for years but this is a game changer. It glides through you hair and leaves an amazing shine. Also I’m useless normally at doing curls, I was so surprised how easy it was to do them with the voduz. So excited to see what’s next for this amazing brand and Denise and Brendan are two of the hardest workers going, love seeing nice people do well.

  31. Laura Farrell

    I have used alot off straighteners, I have very thick hair, and it’s done in an act and so soft as if I got my hair done in a salon. Always dreaded washing my hair and having to straighten it, but with the voduz straighteners, it’s a whole new ball game, thank God.

  32. Valerie

    Absolutely love this hair tool. I bought it because my GHD was on the way out, I was kind of nervous to use a different brand because I’ve been so use to my GHD but I was not disappointed. I have really naturally wavy curly hair and usually any other brand once I sleep on my hair it will go frizzy but when I used my voduz styler my hair was still smooth when I woke up, I would definitely recommend this straighter.

  33. Kellie Moffatt

    Amazing product the main thing for me is the adjustable heat setting my own hair is very fine and I have tape extensions so being able to control the heat is great xxx

  34. Davinia (verified owner)

    I bought the straightener after seeing Denise advertise them last year. I have thick fuzzy hair so I was in need of a new hair tool. From day one this straighter has left my hair feeling soft and smooth with a great straight and shiny finish. It takes no time to do my hair these days so I am happy. No more bad hair days.

    Be careful with your ears and neck, if clumsy like me you can burn yourself with high heat setting.

    Love this product

  35. Catherine

    I love them!! Perfect for straightening and curling!! Heat up really quickly and glide smoothly over the hair!!

  36. Laura Whelan

    Love the Voduz straightener! Leaves my natural curly hair sleek and shiny every time. So easy to put a wave in my hair aswell I’ve always struggled to do this with any other straightener. I’m a hair stylist and I bring it everywhere with me , can leave all other styling tools at home and just bring my Voduz ?

  37. Grace McDonnell

    Bought my Voduz less than a week ago and already I have curled my hair and done some beach waves. And I am no hairdresser, nor am I (normally) good any doing my own hair!
    This is so easy to use. With previous straighteners, I could never get the ‘knack’ of curling, no matter what I did.
    Friends couldn’t believe it when they saw my hair curled and I told them it was my first time using the Voduz!
    This is honestly going to save me a fortune in trips to the hairdresser for curly blowdrys!

    If you don’t have one of theses, you need one!!

  38. Tracy (verified owner)

    I’m so bad at doing curls as my hair is just so thin but the Voduz lives up to what it is. So happy with it.. Might even start doing my sister hair ?

  39. Aife (verified owner)

    I have crazy frizzy, curly hair and this straightener has cut my straightening time in half from any other straightener I’ve used! And so easy to curl also with gorgeous shine. Would defo and have recommended it

  40. Monica flanagan

    Love love this straightener I’ve the worst course thick hair and this straighter has made my life so much easier I’d never use another one ever.

  41. Vivien Stringer

    Finally got my new Voduz in white which was the colour I really wanted. Glides through frizzy hair with ease , no pulling or tugging like GHD, get super shiny hair in no time at all which is great when using first thing in the morning ?

  42. Michelle

    OMG I absolutely love my voduz best straighteners I have ever bought

  43. Tracy Costelloe

    Omg absolutely love it my daughter has one and I’ve used it. Even though I have thin hair it dries quite frizzy and messy and I always have to keep going over it with straighteners but the voduz one is amazing just one run over each section of hair and it’s frizz free and lasts me. Will definitely be throwing hints for my birthday next month ?

  44. Hannah McCarthy

    Amazing. Glides through my hair so effortlessly. Calms thick and frizzy hair. Looks great and heats quickly. Definitely the best on the market… I’ve tried them all. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!! ?

  45. Carol Phillips (verified owner)

    Where to start…….. I’ve suffered with my back and shoulder pain for years, so doing my really thick, coarse hair was a nightmare as it used to take so long to straighten. Voduz straighteners has been a total game changer, it now only takes about 15/20 mins for perfect shiny straight hair. No frizzy bits at all. The rounded edges means that it turns under so smoothly, its unreal. I can even give myself a boho style curl. Dont know myself since Voduz helped me to create a crown that I’m so happy with. #Voduz&mecreatedmycrown

  46. Lisa (verified owner)

    ? Seriously WOW, I knew from the release day I needed this, you have 2 of the best coming together Denise a hair genius, this was going to be the bomb… I got it as a gift I knew it was coming so I had the postman stalked, It’s a game changer, it glided through my hair, no pulling, I wear arm braces no pain doing my hair it feels so much lighter, the rounded plates definitely helped me doing waves/curls/fringe etc I done it all so I straightened the opposite side of head, Wow guys that shine could have blinded me, you can tell so much hard work went into this straightener every angle covered ?? Thank you guys ?

  47. Michelle Kenny (verified owner)

    Loving my Voduz straightener… having such frizzy hair I always found it so hard to get a sleek look or doing wavy hair it just never worked for me with other straighteners but with Voduz its just so easy.

  48. Sinèad (verified owner)

    Received my Voduz straighteners yesterday and absolutely love them. They just glided over my hair leaving a lovely shine. I was also able to create fab curls with just one sweep over each section of hair. I really like the fact that you can see what the temperature is as its heating up, and the locking mechanism for the temperature is a great. Overall I’m loving these straighteners and would definitely recommend them. Looking forward to creating both smooth and curls styles ❤

  49. Becky (verified owner)

    Highly recommend the Voduz Straightener. Hair was so smooth and sleek looking and there was no pulling when curling my hair that i found with some other straightners. Best purchase I’ve made ❤

  50. Catherine Byrne

    Can’t believe how easy the vouduz straighter is to use it glides through your hair and the shine is amazing.

  51. Gillian mclaughlin (verified owner)

    Purchased these in July and having had other brand straighteners before wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say, they are hands down the best pair iv ever owned, they straighten like a dream with no pulling or catching just glide over the hair and the shine is unreal from the inferred technology. Added bonus you can adjust the temperature to suite your hair type, I have thick hair and a high temp suites me where my daughter uses a lower temp, we were able to share these on hoilday and adjust as needed! Delighted, 5 stars and reccomend to anyone thinking of getting them to not hesitate and purchase. Well worth it for sure x

  52. sharon (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this straightener or rather should i say miracle worker!! It straightens, it curls, it waves ! It shines !! I am totally in love with this .I couldn’t wait for the product to launch to buy it and I have it all summer now and it has been a game changer !!! The back of my hair is very thick and i can change the setting according to my hair !! I am in love !!!! I have even brought it to my hairdresser as i was doing so much talking about it I think she was wondering what i was on about and she is in love with it now too !! Brilliant product thank you for bringing it into my life !!

  53. Gayle Sweeney

    These straighteners are just amazing.
    I actually thought you couldn’t get any better than ghds but these are awesome in every way.
    I have thick naturally curly hair and is hard to straighten even with wide plate ghds which leave my hair slightly frizzy.
    Voduz straighners have infared which is so much better for your hair and it shows with these straighteners, leaves hair silky and glossy in a rapid time.
    Also curling with these is awesome.
    Highly recommend these straightness.
    Packaging is also lovely.
    Can’t praise this enough.
    These are just not advertised enough.
    Thankyou voduz for coming into my life ❤

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